ATLAS Academy

Knowledge is constantly evolving

The ATLAS trainer and his team are experienced practitioners who work in the specially founded AGS (ATLAS Group Service GmbH). We have developed a training program that trains fitters and technicians from basic knowledge to the finest details in hydraulics, electrics, electronics, mechanics and machine technology. It is designed so that the courses build on one another. In addition, if you wish, you can also teach on-site.

Mobile Excavator Training

The appropriate name for wheeled excavators is actually ATLAS. With the first fully hydraulic wheeled excavator, which was used in 1950, ATLAS initiated a technical revolution. This marked the beginning of a success story for ATLAS and the industry. The ATLAS wheeled excavator has become an indispensable part of the construction industry. Many further developments have consolidated its importance. ATLAS now offers wheeled excavators from 13 t – 23 t as normal tail and from 12 – 18 t as short tail variant.

Material Handlers Training

ATLAS material handling machines bring work to ports, recycling companies, city cleaning, mining, the food industry, the timber industry and above all to success. From 8 – 22 m reach and from 16 – 60 t operating weight, in crawler or mobile design, ATLAS creates the machine prerequisite to also be economically successful. Particularly when it comes to robust applications in the loading of scrap, granite transport, and wood where a quick performance is required.

Rail-Road Excavator Training

The era of road-rail excavators began over 30 years ago with ATLAS. Today, the Carsy system ensures optimal contact pressure, it is easy to get on and off the rails, and the driver’s cab is a small electronic living room. The construction is always at the cutting edge of technology, but today of course at a different, much higher level than back then. This is the prerequisite for rapid work on track renovations, embankment work, material supply, etc. You can choose between two models with 20 t or 22 t operating weight and 95 or 115 kW engine power.

Crawler Excavator Training

Solid material, robust technology such as a Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system, strong and clean motors from Deutz or Cummins, solid electronics and a construction that has been thought through down to the smallest detail make the ATLAS crawler excavators real high-performance machines. From 18 t to 35 t operating weight, they are top performers in civil engineering, demolition, mining, handling and many other tasks. You can also choose from short-tail excavators for use on construction sites with little freedom of movement.


ATLAS loading cranes are slim, fast and safe and equipped as you wish. For example with the electronic safety system ACM, a support distance measurement, radio remote control or simply, without any electrical support. With a range of 3.70 m to 22 m with load capacities from 0.99 t to 13 t, special designs for building materials, logistics, loading work, lifting work cages or special types, they have one thing in common: the well thought-out and practical quality.